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      Yellow glue 8280(white glue)

      (white glue)
      1. high content, high strength;
      2., creep resistance, solvent resistance, good weather resistance;
      3., do not add formaldehyde and other harmful substances;
      4. water resistant grade up to European EN204 D2 standard.
      Appearance: pale yellow viscous liquid;
      PH value: 5.5-6.5;
      Viscosity: 15000-25000CPS (25 DEG C);
      Solid content: 46-52%
      It is suitable for finger jointing and assembling of common soft wood (such as pine, fir, poplar, camphor wood, rubber, wood, etc.).
      Mainly used for solid wood furniture, dining tables and chairs, display cabinets, speakers and other assembly, tenon, finger joint. .